miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2007

How to draw dragons

dragonErkegris has an excellent tutorial about how to draw dragons.
These tutorials are simply huge jpg's, but are very clear:

Dragon Tutorial
Dragon Head - part one
Dragon Head - part two
Dragon Head - part four

And don't forget take a look at her image gallery

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Behemoth dijo...

I want to thank you, your basics got me to be able to get the head of the dragon i was trying to draw. If at all possible i would like to be able to post my final drawing when i get it finished. I also want to say that i have looked for books on how to draw dragons and most of the ones i found didnt even show the basics, and they werent very helpfull if they did show something that could help. You should really publish a couple of books on this topic from the basic to the more advanced types of dragons including something like the scales horns spikes the teeth and eyes because people who are looking to draw fantasy creatures and dragons could really use your help and again I thank you.

Robert Boyle