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How to draw dragons

If you are reading this surely you are interested in learning how to draw dragons.

First of all, you don't need to be a great artist to learn how to draw dragons, you just need a little pacience, and a good mentor to help you with the basics of dragon anatomy.

When I started drawing dragons I had really big problems drawing the head, the wings, and the paws....ok, ok, and the talons, and the tail, and the scales, and almost every part of the dragon :)

So, I realised that I needed a mentor. Yes, I know, it's hard (and expensive) to find a good mentor who would want to teach me. (And where in the city was I going to find an expert on dragon?)

Because of that, my best approach was to find a good book and spend a some time learning from it.

A book is a mentor. If you learn from a book you can take lessons whenever and wherever you want, and the best of all, you will have lots of great reference images that you can combine to create new and unique dragons!

On Internet there are lots of books about "how to draw dragons", and it's hard to discriminate between good and bad books before buying them.

After a long research I found this book about how to draw dragons and I must say: I immediately fell in love with it! I think this is the best book about how to draw dragons EVER!

If you're looking for a helpful and useful way to learn how to draw dragons, consider getting this book now. You'll never regret it!

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Dragon pics

Elfwood is an excellent site about dragon pics.

To date there are 43831 dragon drawings posted by fans on the ElfWood site. Take a look! Some dragon drawings are awesome!

how to draw dragons, dragon

how to draw dragons, dragon

how to draw dragons, dragon

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Pictures of dragons

A good way to learn how to draw dragons and find inspiration is looking different Pictures of dragons from other people.

I highly recommend you visit Linkmesh

Linkmesh is an excellent site full of pictures of dragons.

Here are just an example:

how to draw dragons, dragon

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How to draw dragons

Here are some interesting articles about how to draw dragons.

This is an excellent article about dragon physiology (skeleton, muscles, skin, wings)

Here you can see some of the dragon pics:

how to draw dragons, dragon

how to draw dragons, dragon

Excellent work, but I'm still thinking that Dragonart is the best source about how to draw dragons :)

I want to draw dragons, but, What is a Dragon?

Ok you want to learn to draw dragons, but, what is a dragon?

Let's see what Wikipedia says:

“The dragon is a mythical creature typically depicted as a gigantic and powerful serpent or other reptile with magical or spiritual qualities.”

“Dragons are commonly portrayed as serpentine or reptilian, hatching from eggs and possessing extremely large, typically scaly, bodies; they are sometimes portrayed as having large eyes, a feature that is the origin for the word for dragon in many cultures, and are often (but not always) portrayed with wings and a fiery breath. Some dragons do not have wings at all, but look more like long snakes. Dragons can have a variable number of legs: none, two, four, or more when it comes to early European literature. Modern depictions of dragons are very large in size, but some early European depictions of dragons were only the size of bears, or, in some cases, even smaller, around the size of a butterfly.”

You can read the full definition and view some dragon drawings here.

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Differences between Japanese dragons and Chinese dragons

Searching about the differences between Japanese dragons and Chinese dragons I found this interesting article about how many toes has the Chinese, Korean and Japanese dragons:

Chinese dragons have all five toes. The Chinese believe that all dragons began from China. They believed that as the dragons flew south, they began to lose their toes. The farther the dragons flew, the more toes they lost. So, Korean dragons have four toes, and Japanese dragons have three.


Korean dragons have four toes. The Koreans believe that when the dragons leave Korea and go north to China, they begin to gain toes. When the dragons leave Korea and go north to Japan, they begin to lose toes.

Japanese dragons have three toes. The Japanese though all dragons originated from Japan. They also believed that when the dragons leave Japan and head north, they gain toes. The farther the dragons went, the more toes they gained. This is why the other dragons have more toes. The Japanese believed the breath of dragons could turn into clouds, which could produce rain.


But here's the kicker, unlike most types of dragon, most of the Eastern Dragons have no wings!"