lunes, 20 de agosto de 2007

How to draw dragons

If you are reading this surely you are interested in learning how to draw dragons.

First of all, you don't need to be a great artist to learn how to draw dragons, you just need a little pacience, and a good mentor to help you with the basics of dragon anatomy.

When I started drawing dragons I had really big problems drawing the head, the wings, and the paws....ok, ok, and the talons, and the tail, and the scales, and almost every part of the dragon :)

So, I realised that I needed a mentor. Yes, I know, it's hard (and expensive) to find a good mentor who would want to teach me. (And where in the city was I going to find an expert on dragon?)

Because of that, my best approach was to find a good book and spend a some time learning from it.

A book is a mentor. If you learn from a book you can take lessons whenever and wherever you want, and the best of all, you will have lots of great reference images that you can combine to create new and unique dragons!

On Internet there are lots of books about "how to draw dragons", and it's hard to discriminate between good and bad books before buying them.

After a long research I found this book about how to draw dragons and I must say: I immediately fell in love with it! I think this is the best book about how to draw dragons EVER!

If you're looking for a helpful and useful way to learn how to draw dragons, consider getting this book now. You'll never regret it!

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4 comentarios:

Razorwire dijo...

I love what you have so far. I am looking to learn how to draw dragons myself, mostly eastern to help design a leg tattoo but as a long time RPGer/Fantasy geek just being able to draw my own Dragons is a fantastic thing to do.

Keep it up :)

NeoAuteur dijo...

Do you know how to draw phoenixes? I would love to learn how to.

Yanurama dijo...

Check my dragons (watercolors + ink) at:

BlackWolf dijo...

hola... me gusta tu pagina... mm... y estoy interesada en el libro de como dibujar dragones... pero ya no esta en la pagina que lo pusiste... no se si podrias mandarmelo al correo .. bueno... ciao..